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Calendar - November 2018

This calendar was printed from the Plymouth-Trinity church website on December 18, 2018. For the most up-to-date event information, please visit the calendar online at www.plymouthtrinitchurch.org or check the calendar on the office door in the main hall of the church.

For general church announcements, please see the News page. Click on the event titles (where applicable) to see a full description.

If you would like a printed copy of the calendar, simply print this page and you'll get a printer-friendly version.

October 2018 - December 2018

      Sunday Worship
      Church Events
      Community Events

SundayMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
     01choir practice
7:30 PM
02Messy church
5:30 PM
03Pre-Christmas Buffet and Sale
04All Saints Sunday, 24th after Pentecost
10:30 AM
05 06 07Telling Our Stories
7:30 PM
08M and O conference
répétition de chorale
7:30 PM
09Youth Forum
M and O conference
Flu vaccine!
10Youth forum
11Remembrance Sunday
10:30 AM
youth forum
12 13UCW meets
14 15répétition de chorale
7:30 PM
16Education & Outreach meets
1826th after Pentecost
10:30 AM
19 20P-T board meeting
21 22Reach out luncheon
11:30 AM
Pastoral Care Team
1:30 PM
23 24Celebrate Advent!
9:00 AM
25Reign of Christ Sunday
10:30 AM
26 27Church board
7:30 PM
28Advent Event
29 30E and O
1:00 PM

Next Sunday

December 23, 2018

4th of Advent

1:00 PM (French)
10:30 AM (English)

News & Events

Children at P-T

Join us at Plymouth-Trinity for a family-friendly worship experience. We have a children's corner in the sanctuary with craft supplies and helpful volunteers. Some Sundays there is also a 30-minute children's programme during worship-time for kids of all ages.

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