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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Hymn Usage Team: meets at 10 am in the parlour

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September 01, 2019

12th after Pentecost

10:30 AM

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Children's church and the role of our community

Sherbrooke, August 2019
Dear Parents, Grandparents, guardians and friends of kids at P-T

Starting last May, our Education and Outreach Team helped organise a move to (almost) weekly children's church activities at Plymouth-Trinity United Church. Our goal is to provide a safe, educational, worshipful space for kids to be kids and also experience church. Georgia Barratt-Lamey has been hired to provide additional support and leadership, accompanied by parent volunteers.

Each week where children's church is offered, we will spend the majority of the service downstairs engaging in music, stories, prayer, crafting, games and free play with the children. And we will provide a healthy snack most Sundays. We will join the congregation upstairs during the celebration of Holy Communion, which the children are encouraged (but not required) to participate in. The program materials we are using largely come from the curriculum "The Whole People of God".

Our program is geared towards children aged 3 and up, and we will adapt as best we can to the ages in our group. We hope to be able to lead worship upstairs a few times during the year, as well as hold a few special events, like our Saturday Advent gathering (November 30th this year) and a spring Picnic!

We need help. Shanna and Georgia cannot be the only leaders for the children. For this weekly children’s church to continue we need other parents to help with supervision and ensure the safety of all the participants. Please add your name to sign-up sheet on the back table in the sanctuary. We may also reach out to the congregation for donations of supplies for projects or items to make our Children's church space more fun!

For little ones too small for Children's church, or on Sundays where we do not have programming, Hazel, Sarah & friends will still be taking care of the colouring table in the Sanctuary. We deeply appreciate her ongoing support and care for the children.

Thank you for your support and prayers; please, do not hesitate to contact any of us if you have a question or a remark.

For the Children’s ministry
Shanna Bernier, coordinator
Georgia Barratt-Lamey, part-time
Samuel Vauvert Dansokho, pastor

Call for nominations

The General Council Nominations Committee has launched a call for nominations for several vacancies.

People across the church are invited to express their interest, or nominate others who have the gifts to serve well in these leadership roles. The Nominations Committee welcomes hearing from anyone, and particularly encourages those from groups which have been traditionally marginalized in our church, including (but not limited to) youth and young adults, Indigenous and racialized members, those active in francophone ministry, and people who identify as disabled.

You can find United Church job and volunteer opportunities here. Check back regularly!

Children at P-T

Join us at Plymouth-Trinity for a family-friendly worship experience. Many Sundays feature a carefully planned children's church program, intended for those 3 and up. We also have a children's corner in the sanctuary with craft supplies and helpful volunteers for younger children, and for all kids on the Sundays when there is no children's church. Check the calendar elsewhere on this website to find out the schedule!

Bicycle Path

A reminder to please make sure your car does not cross the yellow lines outlining the bike path in the church parking lot.

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